What is Nubia to you?

Your family roots? Your subject of study? The memory of an unforgettable trip? A culture that fascinates you? A mystery that you are trying to solve?

During the week of September 13–19, 2020, you get the opportunity to share your experiences, ideas, and knowledge about all things Nubian at NubiaFEST 2020 organized by The Nubia Initiative and the Union for Nubian Studies.

NubiaFEST 2020 is held in celebration of African Heritage Month. We invite you to build together a week of online events and propose a multidisciplinary approach to the cultural, historical, linguistic, traditional, societal, and artistic components of Nubia.


NubiaFEST 2020 is launched because we have at heart to promote and celebrate Nubia by following three main objectives:

To enrich this living mosaic, your experience is very valuable, whatever country you live in, whatever language you speak or whatever medium you wish to use.

All angles are relevant: scientific, artistic, participative, practical, didactic, sensorial...

Do you want to share your knowledge? Broadcast a film? Propose a cooking workshop? Show your photographs? Open a debate? Make us discover your art? Document oral histories? Teach us something? Maybe music? Take us for a walk along the river, through the fields, across your homeland’s villages? Then join us by proposing a session.


NubiaFEST 2020 offers an open space for any online, streamed event that addresses its thematics. This a decentralized event, which means that everyone is responsible for their own session.

You can propose a session here. Please send in your proposal before September 1, so have enough time to publicize it on our social media channels.

The organizing committee will review all proposals on suitability, but the content, platform, and time are up to you! Proposals will be considered on a rolling basis up to and throughout NubiaFEST.

It is the variety of your contributions that will allow us to define together some of the multiple facets of Nubia!

NubiaFEST 2020 is the place for you!

NubiaFEST 2020 is You!


For more info or to discuss ideas please email

Code of Conduct

You can find the Code of the conduct of the NubiaFEST2020 here.


Organization: Dimah Mahmoud (The Nubia Initiative), Alexandros Tsakos & Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei (Union for Nubian Studies)

Social Media: Mazin Khalil

Text: Sandra Bartmann

Illustration: Dahlia Mahmoud

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This event is not financed by anyone, but we welcome sponsors and donations. Contact us at

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NubiaFEST 2020 is an initiative of:

Spiritual support by A.NUBI.S – The Anarchist Nubiology Squad